What started as personal keepsakes and practical items around the has turned into novelty "must haves!"  From football lamps showing support for your favorite team to "catch all" accessory trays, we can tailor a design with "you in mind!" 

Novelty Collection

  • FOOTBALL LAMPS $194.95+ KITCHEN STOOLS $74.95+ PLANTER/AMBIANCE LIGHT $64.95+ CATCH ALL CADDIES $34.95+ NOVELTY BOWLS $34.95+ CUP DISPENSERS $19.95+ RUSTIC DUAL LIGHT LAMP $94.95+ BATHROOM CADDY $94.95+ DECORATIVE WAGON WHEELS $124.95+  Like all of our designs, these novelties are "one of a kind" creations and no two are the same. Though the concepts are similar, our artisans work with the feel and individual grains of the wood and create a unique keepsake that you will treasure. Please choose desired design and include any detail requests or questions in the message box.