Our conversation pieces are both functional and fun!  They will be the topic of conversation in any room of your home or when showcased for all the neighbors to admire!  Contact us today for customization consult and pricing details...


Unique Conversation Pieces

  • PLANTER TABLES & BENCHES $125+ ROCKERS $495+ COFFEE TABLES $395+ ACCENT TABLES $295+ PIC-NIC TABLES $995+ Our beautiful planters, benches, rockers and accent tables vary in design and materials as well as size. The artisans create each piece according to the "personality" of the wood. Each log, stump or piece of wood has its unique shape and often takes a life of its own in the capable hands of our artisans. These are not cookie cutter production pieces, but intricately designed originals. Prices will vary depending on type of wood, size and complexity. Please choose your design and price range and then submit design consult details in the message box.