Blessings For Belles

Blessings For Belles...

Those of you who know me and know my family, know that everything we do in life is driven with the desire to make a difference and to use all that is at our disposal both tangible and intangible to bless others. I grew up in a home with two parents who tirelessly gave of themselves immeasurably to our family, our neighbors, our church and everyone they came in contact with. They never truly met a stranger. Even on their jobs, they were known for being givers and supporters, confidants and friends to those in need and those dealing with difficult life issues. Daddy would give the shirt off his back if he thought someone was in dire need and Mama would serve endlessly even to her own detriment and health deterioration. I learned early on what it took to make a difference in life - just be there and just offer love - lots and lots of love.

That passion to bless others was instilled in me and drives everything I do each day. The concept for "Southern Rich's" just seems like the perfect opportunity for our family to take this "heart for giving" to the next level. Perhaps you won't think our products are unique and I suppose in actuality, they aren't. They are however, created as symbols of the heart - treasures that far exceed the product you have in your hand when you purchase a "Southern Rich's" creation. The treasure isn't in what we own or acquire - but in what we already have and are. May we use what we have to deposit into the lives of others and be a constant reminder for them of their worth and their value as a priceless treasure.

Take a moment to read more about our purpose and mission by clicking on the link below...

Blessings For Belles

From our family to yours and from the depths of my heart.... THANK YOU!!!

Starla Rich

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