Family, Friends, Fall & Football

For the Rich's, Fall is our favorite time of year. Even before the temperatures drop, there is that slight "feeling" in the air that ever so slightly gives that hint of Fall. One of our favorite things about the onset of Fall is football! Especially college football. This summer, "Paw Paw" created a personal design for his grandson, but once it was completed, those who saw it decided it was a "must have" too! So if you would like to special order your novelty football lamp, please let us know so the fellas can get to work on it "just for you!" Keep in mind that each one is unique and will vary in wood type and color, but will maintain the basic design and dimensions. All that this novelty sports lamp needs is your own personal team shade and it is all dressed out and ready for kick off!

Please visit our Handcrafted Creations page through the link below to read more or place your order...

Handcrafted Creations

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