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Southern Rich's collections of books and online newsletters and columns by author Starla Rich are more than just a "good read."  They are a special invitation to stroll the streets of the South, to walk through the doors of a southerner's heart and to experience life down South looking through the eyes of a true southern belle.  Simple, sophisticated, ,smart,  sweet and a bit sassy...  Must haves for your library!!!   

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A fellow author offers a raving review of  "Journey Within My Heart"  - the book that started it all....

"Have you ever been in a situation where you feel you've done all you know how to do, have done the right thing and still find yourself stumbling along your path in the dark?" This then, is the perfect book for you! If you haven't been in this situation then this is the perfect book to help you understand others who are struggling! This is also the perfect book to GIVE to others who may need help in lifting themselves out of the hurtful experiences that manage to exist in life!

Starla does the most exquisite job of winding us around the beautiful 'Southern' countryside of her heart and taking us on a journey of her honest self reflection. She does this in such a way that many of my book page corners are bent up and my pages are marked with red pen as I learn about myself and want to remember her wisdom.

You will relish her little stories of past people, places and events and how she weaves them into morals to help us here and now. She tells us about her little freckle-faced childhood and the woman she has become despite the many trials that were thrust upon her. Even though we've never met outside of the pages of her book, I love my new family with Maw-Maw, Paw-Paw, Mama Rich and Josh. All of their lives and wisdom helped form the pages of Starla's heart and therefore mine. This book is truly a gift of the heart and one journey you should definitely take! I would give it 10 stars! Highly recommended!!


P. A. "Ann" Postak,

Author of the "Grammy Ann"  Children's Series

"Words from the Heart"
   Starla Rich, Author & Columnist
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If we could pinpoint the one thing that ignited the flame for "Southern Rich's" it would have to be our
Handcrafted Creations
without a doubt.  When "Paw Paw" walked into his shop and picked up that first piece of  raw wood, the natural beauty  in the fallen tree began to take on a life of its own.  Albert "Coy" Rich, began carving masterpieces from each stump, tree limb and cut wood that he acquired.  Sometimes he has a vision for what he is creating, and at other times the wood tells him what it should be as he begins to gently smooth away the rough edges with his wood lathe, tools and hands.  No two creations are the same and everyone who has acquired one of these collectibles, sparks a bit of envy in friends, neighbors and family who simply have to have one of the 
Southern Rich's Handcrafted Creations
too!  "If you build it they will come" so much so that Albert and Josh are challenged to keep up!

Along with the idea of creating a collection of "treasures" to remind folks of the true treasures of life, was the idea of depositing treasures into the lives of others struggling in some way.  Those who deal with seemingly insurmountable situations such as health issues, financial struggles or family difficulties are our true heroes.  We are honored to partner with others who are committed to making a difference.  One such individual is a fellow author who has written a lovely children's book entitled "Katlyn Marie Goes For The Gold."  This lovely book by author Nita B. Bryden is a heartwarming story that teaches young children the importance of caring about others, and how good deeds are paid with rich rewards.  It was written as a tribute to the real-life Katlyn Marie who has dealt with a life-threatening heart condition.  She is an inspiration.  Since the writing of the book, Katlyn Marie received a heart transplant and is doing well!  Proceeds from the book will go to help with the enormous medical costs incurred over the years during this ordeal. 

"Southern Whispers"
Journey Within My Heart